Envision Web Design

Meet the people that are behind the scenes.

Our Mission

We design clean looking websites that help our clients generate more business.  Listening, discussing, and communication equals websites that help you succeed.  We strive to grow our business with the same honesty, passion, and care we put into all the services we offer.  By offering a core of quality services, we save you time, frustration, and money.  We will continue to add value to each website we build and committed to improving our services every day!

About Me

Hello, everyone, my name is George Sulc, Owner, and CEO of Envision Web Design. I'm excited to share some facts about me, but more vital, what motivates me to help you. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in Southern California.  The evolution of my competitive spirit was advanced through sports.  After experiencing a variety of athletic endeavors, there was gravitation toward tennis. 

Tennis was great because it taught me discipline, how to plan, focus, and hard work. It also taught me never to disrespect my competition.  You work hard to achieve your goals. And achievement in any venture comes from persistence.  This spirit is what drives this company to help as many people as we can to build a successful project for you.  We see things through to the end, and we won't go away when things get tough.

My partners and I are looking forward to helping you with your next project.

My Education

At the time, the college pace was to fast for me. I managed to sweat through two years of it, but it was a struggle. I realized later in life that I had to learn at a different pace.  I took my first course at Code Academy, a great place to start and maintain your skills. I continued learning, enhancing, and perfecting my skills. To this day, I continue to pursue knowledge in all areas of my growth.

2013 - HTML Certified

2014 - CSS Certified

2015,16 - JavaScript, Digital Marketing

2017 - Web Design, PHP

2018 - j Query, Word Press, Google Analytics

2019- General Back-end Server Knowledge

About Our Great Partners

Marci Klein

Video Production Consultant

Wearing many hats in Hollywood prepared Marci with many essential skills. She started as a production assistant. She navigated through many phases of her career.  Her hard work paid off, and before she left, Hollywood was in Supervising and Senior Producer role.  It 1990, she took on a direct role in Greg Kinnear's first network TV show. The Best of the Worst, which inaugurated her into the Directors Guild of America.

Did you know that today 81% of businesses have started using video? And 76% of those businesses have experienced an increase in sales. Marci loves to help you create the perfect video for your business. She lives in Redondo Beach 5 blocks from the ocean, which she uses as her inspiration.

"Being in the ocean is like diving into creativity."

Marci balances business with family and philanthropy.  She sits on the board for non-profit organization Waterfront Education. She is the Public Arts Commissioner for the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Marci cannot wait to help you with your next video project.

Ray Ochoa

Print Branding Consultant

I've accumulated a wealth of experience from Industry experts, owners, executive management teams, and very talented co-workers in the Print Industry.
I have fulfilled a lifetime dream of owning my own Marketing Services Company. I opened up a Print Press company in January of 2017 at age 50! I now have the pleasure of serving my customers' creative needs. We offer Digital Photography, CGI, Creative Retouching, Graphic Design, 3D Printing, Large Format Printing, Offset, Inkjet, Fulfillment Services, and my love: Digital Printing!

The Need for Speed!
We recognize that keeping Print Relevant is Speed to Market! The need for Relevance is driving the growth of one-to-one marketing. We believe web, mobile, social, and print integration is essential for an effective, results-based marketing campaign. Minuteman is committed to the customer receiving a personalized conversation with your brand.

Zoe Nauman 

Content Marketing Consultant

 After spending eight years honing her writing, editing, and TV skills in the UK, Zoe moved to Australia in 2008. Zoe worked in women’s magazine publishing as an editor, as well as on the country’s highest-selling newspaper – The Sunday Telegraph.

A stint working for TV Network Channel Ten followed, as a producer on its morning program – Studio 10. Then in 2013, Zoe moved to help set up the Australian arm of the most extensive website in the world – Dailymail.com.

Her knowledge, communication skills, and expertise were in high demand to establish the showbiz desk of the site, which has over 300 million unique users a month.  During her career, Zoe has covered a considerable number of stories – from undercover investigations and exposes, to interviewing some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts, Lionel Ritchie and Nicole Kidman.

In 2015 Zoe moved to Los Angeles and decided she wanted to utilize her skills to assist other people in telling their personal stories in a unique and authentic way. She has had the privilege of speaking to international audiences—also, students at some of the leading colleges. And Zoe’s experience has enabled her to get a handle on what interests the next generation when it comes to marketing, and what sells.

Envision Web Design Photography Division Image

John Kanuit

Photography Consultant

I’ve been a commercial photographer since graduating from college.  I’ve been fortunate to have worked with many national brands.  I enjoy working with design studios, designers, and small businesses of all kinds. 

My photography covers a broad spectrum.  I shoot corporate, commercial, people, fashion, and architectural interiors and exteriors. I can work out of my studio, but I’m also will travel. I’m always looking forward to my next project, large or small.