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Turf Care Professionals

Tennis Academy Ca.

Starfish Tennis

ProValue Construction

Still Got It Fitness

CF Empowerment

Turf Care Professionals
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

I received a call from Dan and Damen Wooten.  They had purchased a lawn care business located in Oklahoma City, OK.    

The Problem: The new owners of Turf Care Professionals wanted to re-brand their new business.  It was important that they separate themselves from the previous ownership.      

The Solution:

The company is positioned as a premier lawn care company that offers first-class service to its customers. I created a crisp, clean look that shows professionalism and commitment to service. Images and content help support their brand and fortify their position.

Tennis Academy of California
Location: Torrance, Ca.

Kids from all over the South Bay come to Tennis Academy of California. They are there because of the quality coaching, excellent environment, and great programming. 

The Problem: They needed a website that would showcase their business and highlight student's progress.   They also wanted a payment registration system.

The Solution:

The collaboration on this project was great.  The program director understood what he wanted and clearly expressed his ideas and goals.  I added a attention generating tagline in a beautiful picture slider.  Further down the site I highlighted staff, and fortifying testimonials.  I also connected to a registration system for easy access to classes.  

Starfish Tennis
Location: Torrance, Ca.

This project was for a husband and wife team.  Vasile and Mindy Beches created Starfish tennis which is combination tennis instruction for adults & juniors, and school programs throughout the South Bay.    

The Problem: They wanted the site to emphasize family values, great instruction, in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.  They also needed some forms that would automate class registration. 

The Solution:

I added images that reflected their brand.  The title was clear in defining who they were, and what they do.  An image was included that fortified the title and showcased the fun family atmosphere. Lots of images are sprinkled throughout the site. Two forms were created that automated the purchase of a class which made the paying easy and increased the enrollment.    

Pro Value Construction
Location: Los Angeles, Ca.

Pro Value Construction is a successful construction company owned by Cerbert Tre Green.  Tre loves his job as a contractor.  He wears many hats and makes a lot of choices but in the end, with his crew, they create beautiful results. 

The Problem: He wanted a website that showed the professionalism of his business.   

The Solution:

The project opens with an image of one of their core services, kitchen remodels.  I created content that informed new users about what Pro Value does and how they can help their customers.  Next was a section that showed the services that they offer and finally some testimonials to fortify their commitment to their customers.

Carol Feeley Empowerment Coach
Location: Torrance, Ca.

Carol wanted help with her new business website.  She made a strong move to the professional empowerment coaching arena.  

The Problem: She needed a website that would validate and promote her empowerment coaching business.  

The Solution:

I begin with a couple of powerful quotes from Carol's vast arsenal that asked a question. Questions like this would help draw people further into her website.  I wanted to create curiosity then offer some solutions.  As people scrolled down the site, they could find an introduction video and some fortifying testimonials.

Let Her Free
Location: North, Carolina.

Sarah Lynette had requested that Envision Web Design completely re design her original website at letherfree.com.  

The Problem: Her original website was not producing any results.  She wanted the website to attract new clients and display her products and services.  She needed a payment gateway and a simple purchase method.  

The Solution:

We created a client persona so that we can fine-tune her target audience. Then I built a website specifically for that audience. As a result, the website was more relevant and user-friendly. The messaging was clear and straightforward.

I prominently showcased her products and services on the home page. To track the results, I installed Google Analytics and fine-tuned the site as it is needed. Her business has experienced growth in users and conversions.

Location: Torrance, Ca.

Brad Ballard thought it was time to hire a pro to redesign his company website.

The Problem: The original site was not generating any new business.  The visits to the site were almost zero.  When they did go to the site it failed to create any business.  

The Solution:

It was essential to position Western Graphix as a modern and experienced lamination company.  I made it clear what they do and what core services they offer.  The new design is stylish but also looks into the rich history of the company.  I promoted their expertise, high level of customer service, and their incredible experience.  Their business increased by 30%.

I sat down with George, the owner of Envision Web Design, and explained to him exactly what I needed. He was a great listener, created a plan, and implemented it perfectly. The results were impressive, and I could not be happier with my new website!

Dan Wooten

Owner, TAC

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