​Are you looking to build an online business?

Creating a online store can be a daunting task.

Let us help you design and develop your store.

We start with a great base.

​We use WordPress as a base platform.  
It is used on over 27% of internet websites.

​WooCommerce is an e-Commerce plugin that gives your website excellent functionality!

​Wordfence is one of the highest rated security plugins in the market.

Additional Hardware and software

If you choose us as your hosting provider we offer Solid State Drives with plenty of speed and space. 

​We will install a 256 bit encryption Secure Socket Layer.  This is an additional layer of security for your site and customer purchases.

​You will receive a dedicated IP address ​which is required with your Secure Socket Layer.

Marketing Your store

So you start with an excellent idea for your website. With the help of a web designer, you have created a great store. It has a great home page, solid store page, and your payment gateway is ready to take on customers. The anticipation is in the air when you take it online. However, now you have another problem, where are all those customers?

Finding customers or should I say how customers are going to find you is a huge challenge!

It's time we incorporate our marketing services.
Search Engine Optimization - Digital Marketing - Promotion Video

Search Engine Optimization

Imagine the countless amount of people that are searching for what you have to offer.  Using S.E.O., we start the detailed optimization process of your website. Search engines play nice with well-optimized sites that have clear and well-organized content. The idea is to rank your website as high as possible on the search results page.

After completing the process, we set up a google analytics account and track the results.  We hold monthly meetings with our clients to discuss the results.  There is so much more to S.E.O. If you would like more details, please refer to our search engine optimization page.

Digital Marketing

We use S.E.O. to bump up your ranking and track your results. We use digital marketing to spread the news about your business. There are a plethora of ways to promote and advertise your business.

  • Opt-in forms to increase your email list.
  • Email campaigns with conditional logic. This is a great way to promote your offers based on responses.
  • Sales pages which are single-minded advertisements.
  • Landing pages that have a clear and specific message.

Make your website a business funnel that guides potential customers to conversion. Using creative content in your images, headlines, and body copy you create a desire to take action. Your website should attract attention, generate interest, promote desire, that leads to action.  Please refer to our digital marketing page for all the details.

Promotion Video

A video is one of the most popular tools you can use to advertise and promote your business. Envision Web Design offers a variety of videos that will help your brand get noticed.

Create an animation video to explain your product or service.  Showcase your law firm with a corporate video that you can promote through a variety of channels. Whatever type of video you decide on we will help you organize your script and develop your message. For a detailed description go to our promotion video page.

Creating your website is only the first step

You can improve your new website's performance with powerful marketing tools. With these tools in place, you can create a significant marketing presence. Deliver your message across a variety of channels and increase your visibility.

Let's discuss your ideas and goals.

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