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Blog Post Article: Why is good web design so important?

Good web design by a professional can make a compelling difference in your return on investment.  As a web designer, I realize that there many reasons why you build a website.  But in almost all cases, the client wants some return on their investment. This return can take many forms, i.e., more product sales, increased membership, blog visits, you get the idea. 

Bad Design

Let's first describe what lousy design is, what it looks like, and how it can hurt your brand. The most common problems are the following.

  • Unattractive to your target market.
  • Too many clashing colors.
  • Poor choice of fonts and too many of them.
  • No white space so that elements can breathe.
  • Too many competing calls to action.
  • No clear path to buy a product or service.
  • Content is overwhelming and confusing.
  • Outdated design and content.

Let's say have a poorly designed, ugly website. Think about people that visit your site for the first time. It would not leave a wrong first impression even if you have a great company. In many cases, It will do more harm than good!

Good Design

  • Your color choices should resonate with your target market. A toy store company, an upscale car dealership, or a women's clothing store can differ significantly. Color can represent so many things, and its wise usage can have a positive impact.
  • Too many fonts can be confusing, distracting, and unappealing. You should have no more than two fonts for the entire website. The fonts should be easy to read and match the company brand. 
  • There should be a clear path to a conversion.
  • It can begin with an attention-getting tagline and image. 
  • The supporting content might describe a problem your client has.
  • You then offer a solution to the problem, which creates desire.
  • A testimonial helps support the solutions you offer.
  • Take away any objections your client may have
  • And finally, a strong call to action.
  • White space between elements will make it easier to understand. Your eye will feel more comfortable and make it easier to understand.  
  • Outdated web design and content make your website irrelevant. Search engines like new material within the site and blogs.

Key Takeaways

People without knowing it gravitates to clarity. Information to the user should be progressive, and when your client is ready to receive it. Whether modern, minimalistic, or techy, the general style should be attractive.  Colors will set the tone and emotion and should relate to your users.  
You want to make it easy for users to understand your business. They need to know what you do and how you solve their problems.  By creating a well-designed site, you attract customers and generate more business. 


A website is a living, breathing entity that requires consistent nurturing to produce positive results.  No one element by itself will make the difference but as a whole will attract customers, create interest, and convert them to customers.
If you need help with your project or have questions, please feel to contact me.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.  If you enjoyed this article, please share, we appreciate it!  

George Sulc

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George Sulc, Owner, CEO
Envision Web Design

Hello everyone, I'm so glad you can make it to my company website. Every client has a story. We would love it if you shared your ideas, questions, thoughts, and comments. Customer service is important to us, and we cannot wait to service you!

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