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Video promotion is the future!

YouTube is the 3rd most-visited website and 2nd biggest search engine (just behind Google) in the world. It is very important that you understand the importance of web video and displaying it through various channels.

According to Cisco (an American technology Co.) predicts that “80% of all internet traffic will be video content by 2019”.

Producing a web video can be a very effective way to promote your product, service, or your website.  

You don’t need a huge production studio and tons of cash to create quality content. By using the right tools we can cut down on costs and increase your visibility to more customers.


Animation video is a great way to advertise, promote, or educate your current an potential clients. 

Title Creation

Adding a title to your video can make your brand rock. Check out one of our branding intro titles. 


If a picture says a thousand words just imagine what video can do.  Add the personal touch by taking actual video of your business.

Post Production

We can include music, snappy titles, and voice over in post production.  You can fine tune your messaging and feed them just right amount of information.


We can create an animated video that can give your website a boost. You can clarify your message, engage your users, and make your site more interesting.  Animation helps you get your point across without your users having to work so hard.  Your audience is more likely to remember the message.   

Title Creation

Creating a snazzy title intro goes a long way to increasing the visibility of your brand.  Your title can be customized to meet your preferences.       

Video Production

People would prefer to see the message instead of reading it.  A promotion video can engage in a way that words cannot.  You can showcase your business, products and services in a more captivating way.  


First, we must clarify the goal and the reason for the video. We discuss your ideas and write an outline. A storyboard and script are created taking your goals and audience into account. The content will have significant input from you and final approval. A budget will be determined and solidified.


Once there is an understanding of the goals it's time to develop a solid technical plan. Before we implement our ideas, we must address all the technical challenges. We must also choose a date and time for the shoot.


After all the planning and preparation, it's time for action. Now is the time to go to the location, set up the camera, lights, and audio equipment and film your promotional video.

Post Production

I will cut all the raw video and retain all the valuable footage. Then add music, graphics, text, fine-tune visuals, and sound.


Now that we have a polished product it's time to share it. 

Adding an animation or custom video will add the right touch to your website. I will help you with your script so that you feel one hundred percent comfortable. Your video doesn't have to be perfect. But, it should create attention, interest, stimulate desire, and engage your audience.

Create interest by identifying a common problem your target audience has. Share a story that shows you or your business understands the problem. You want to inform and educate your audience. Let your audience know that you can relate to the dilemma the audience has.

You can create desire by showing them how your product or service solves that problem. Highlight the benefits your audience will receive by using your solution. How will your product or service make your visitor's life better?

At this point, they should be ready to take action. Create a call to action that will convince your visitors to take action.  

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