The time and energy you spend planning will save you tons of time in developing.

A well thought out website has a far greater chance for success! 

Website Planning Process

Why Should You Plan

Why do you need to plan when you build a website? Imagine someone that wants to open a retail store.  Without a road-map, you don't have a clear idea of how to start and organize your business. 

Where is the money going to come from to finance your business?  How much money will you need before, during, and after you open your business?  How will you operate your business, and are you going to lease or buy?  Planning is so important that if done poorly or not at all, your company will eventually fail. 

When I take on a new project, I have an initial conversation with the investors. During which I answer questions and concerns they may have.  If all goes well, they receive a planner that will help guide them through the planning process.  Depending on a company's size it may need more elaborate meetings.

Website Planning

It seems crazy to think that the most critical step to take when building a website is planning, but it is! The general design of the project will be one of the last things you will do. You should consider the following before you design your site.

Ask The Following Questions

What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Who Are You Selling To?

What Problems Do Your Customers Face?

How Does Your Company Solve Them?

How Does Your Company Solve Them?

What Do You Want Your Website To Achieve?

What Actions Do You Want Users To Take?

How Will Success Be Measured By Your Users?

How Will Success Be Measured By The Owners?

Are They Purchasing Products?

Are The Buying Your Services?

Are They Subscribing To Your Newsletter?

Are They Signing Up For Your Email List?

Are They Reading A Blog?

Art They Purchasing A Membership?

Are They Downloading A Video, PDF, Or Booklet?

Are They Taking A Class or Course?

Building a Successful Website

When you're building a successful website, it is as important to plan it.  You can ask similar questions like how much will you budget for it.  Who is the site for and what value will it bring them.  What benefit will it bring to those that are investing in it?  What efforts will be needed to maintain it and who's going to do it?

It may seem like planning is an unnecessary step that takes up valuable time.  But often if you don't, it leads to costly misunderstandings.  You need a clear picture of what you are building, why your building, and how its success is measured.


An essential step in planning your site is wireframing. Wireframing is a simple skeleton outline of the website. This process defines information hierarchy, desired functionality, and content type. General structure and user journey can also be illustrated in the wireframe process.

Website Planning Needs a Content Strategy

Content Strategy
Progressive Information Disclosure

What Assets Should You Include In Your Website Planning Efforts

Catchy Headline
Sub Headline
Call to Action.
Body Copy
Sidebar Micro-Content
Footer Content

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