Asked Questions

Here is a list of some very common questions.

Do you have testimonials from real people that I may see and review?

Do you have live sites that are currently up and running that I may see?

Do you use contracts?

Do you provide site maintenance packages to make sure my site is up and running smoothly for years to come?

I want SSL with my site. Can you do that as well?

What’s your process for working with new clients?

I want to make sure my business is more profitable as a result of working with you. How can we plan Key Performance Indicators together? 

Will my website work on all mobile devices and be fully responsive?

I want to allocate a budget that will let you deliver results for my business and let our website rank high in local Google search results. How should we budget adequately so that you can realistically achieve our desired outcomes but we can also set a range that is right for our business?

How can I give you the content you need in advance so you can work more efficiently?

Do you actually code or do you drag and drop? 

The things that you don’t know are you willing to do the hard work to learn it?

What would throw off the timeline of the delivery?

Will my website be created by the people I’ve hired, rather than being outsourced?

Let's start your project

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